We Snagged a Book-Loving Marketing Assistant

Meet Kaeti!

Growing up, Kaeti Spanbauer and her family moved all over the state of Oregon. From an early age, she learned to love meeting new people and discovering home in new places. One of her beloved past times as a child was reading. If she was not playing a sport, you would often find her in a library, up late at night with a book, or writing her own novel. Not only was she able to see new parts of the country and meet new people in real life, but she was able to expand that love even further through books.

As Kaeti grew up, she had less time for reading books for pleasure and needed time for reading textbooks assigned for school. Still, these books helped her to grow, discover important information, and gain valuable life skills. From Shakespeare and poetry to books on public speaking, conflict management, and marketing, Kaeti received a valuable desire for learning. Through these books, she learned skills for her profession, how to see the perspective of others, the power of communication, the importance of kindness, and how to continue her quest for knowledge.

In college, Kaeti studied public relations and communication. One thing that allowed her to know she chose the right field of study was how much she enjoyed studying and actually reading her textbooks. Kaeti went on to work on marketing and public relations projects for Live Forward Performance, Senior Solutions, and several professional photography projects.

Right before she graduated, Kaeti met her husband. After marrying, they happily moved to sunny Arizona. She is excited to add her experience and expertise to the Lawley Publishing Family. Kaeti appreciates working for a wonderful company that honors families, values people, practices kindness, and of course, loves books!

And Lawley Publishing is excited to have her as a valuable part of their team!

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