TOP 11 EGG-straordinary Spring Reads

Let the Season of Renewal and Rebirth Inspire Your Next Reading Adventure

Easter is one of the most beautiful times of the year. I treasure Easter customs that are symbolic of rebirth and celebrating the beginning of the spring season. All the soft pastel colors, baby animals, and spring clothing make me smile.

Bucklebee Bunny

by Lara Law

Meet Bucklebee Bunny who lives in Cabbageville. He loves to paint Easter Eggs for all the people in the town. Bucklebee Bunny’s dream is to be the Easter Bunny’s #1 Egg Painter. In addition to the eggs he paints for the town, he has a secret collection that he keeps hidden away in his house. This Easter he wakes up to find that his special egg collection is missing. 

I can’t get over the intricate details of Lara Law’s artistic work in this book. This is a really fun story for children 10 years and younger with an engaging plot and playful images. It will teach your little “bunnies” the value of friendship and how important it is to share love and your talents. This book will have you CRACKING up and EGG-stra excited to decorate eggs this Easter.

A Poem for Every Spring Day

by Allie Esiri

Perfect for reading aloud and sharing with all the family, the verses in A Poem for Every Spring Day will conjure up the images of spring, taking you from the first view of spring blossoms all the way through to Easter. This collection, edited by Allie Esiri, includes poems by a number of famous writers. This is almost like an advent calendar for the reader, with two to three poems for each day, with a short explanation for each. OMELETTIN’ you know it is a lovely mix of familiar favorites and new discoveries.

Holly’s Hollyhocks

by Marsha Jackson

When I envision spring, images come to mind of fields full of brightly colored daffodils and tulips dancing in the breeze. This book is beautifully illustrated with watercolors and follows Holly as she discovers the joy in planting Hollyhock seeds. These pretty flowers bring joy and are so popular with all who see them. This sweet story has a great message about a little girl who works hard to create a beautiful garden and realize her dream. I can see this book awakening a love of gardening in a lot of young minds.

Kindness is a Kite String: The Uplifting Power of Empathy

by Michelle Schaub

Nothing screams Spring more than HOPE, and this book has that in abundance. It is a compelling reminder that cultivating kindness is easy when you try, and like sowing seeds, you should spread a little kindness and watch it grow through your community. Schaub’s book, with its poetic message, spreads happiness, lifting hope like a kite on a string. It is a simple book with easy, yet impactful EGG-samples to brighten the lives of others.

Treasure Hunt

by Stephanie Wildman

Follow these delightful twins as they hunt through their house for treasure hidden by their big brother. This book has a wonderfully refreshing view on how everyday objects can be treasures and offer more fun than TV or video games. The illustrations will capture young readers’ attention, and it is a great storyline that will inspire children to create their own treasure hunts. Be creative and adapt this book into an Easter-themed activity. Stephanie Wildman has written an EGG-cellent book to encourage activities outside of screen time over Spring Break!

The Tiny Seed

by Eric Carle

Award winning writer, Eric Carle, provides a classic story of the life cycle of a flower, told through the adventures of a tiny seed. This tale is EGGS-pertly written, as all Eric Carle books are.  The story follows a tiny seed as it leaves the safety of its parent plant and blows across seas, deserts, and mountains, braving many hazards along the way. This is an adorable companion when embarking on a gardening project or when learning about plant life cycles. With Eric Carle’s distinctive illustrations, this book is a timeless classic.


by Chris Saunders

What would you do if you had a wish?  Through Saunders’ EGG-ceptional words, we read of a little Rabbit that has never had a wish before… until one day, he doesn’t just get one wish… but THREE!!! As the little bunny tries to decide what to wish for, we are taken through a touching story about the kindness and magic of friendship. You will be FOLDED up into the storyline by words and emotive artwork, sharing Rabbit’s wish with his friends.

Dragon Pox (The Glitched Science)

by Camille Smithson

Dragon Pox (book 1 in The Glitched Science series) is an EGG-citing read for all ages, particularly middle school readers. Is your child desperate for a pet but you are worried they aren’t ready for that responsibility yet? Hayden Jones is an eleven-year-old who would do anything to change his mother’s mind and show her he is ready to be a pet owner. He finds a mysterious spotted egg and takes it home with a plan to hatch it, nurture it in secret, and prove his mother wrong! When the egg hatches and it is a baby dragon, the fun really begins. On the face of it, this is a story of a boy looking for a pet, but you’ll be surprised when a delightful journey of magic and science unfolds.

Turkey’s Eggcellent Easter

by Wendi Silvano

Turkey knows just how to celebrate Easter – he is going to win the EGG-stra special Easter Egg Hunt. The only problem? Animals aren’t allowed to enter! So the animals HATCH a top secret plan. With his trademark disguises and a whole lot of help, will Turkey and his basket of tricks win a prize? There are so many fun activities that can be inspired by this silly, funny and brave Turkey. There are a DOZEN turkey books written by Wendi Silvano that you will want to collect.

Rechenka’s Eggs

Patricia Polacc

In Russia, Easter eggs are dyed by boiling the eggs with onion peels and silk. The Easter eggs are considered magical charms, and are used to ward off evil spirits, and bring wealth and happiness to the owner. In Greece, children play a game called “tsougrisma” where they knock real eggs against one another to see whose egg will CRACK first; the lucky winner is the person whose egg does not crack. 


Regardless of what legend one believes or doesn’t believe, the tradition of decorating eggs lives on. Back in the day when no artificial coloring was around, my grandmother boiled eggs with the onion skins added to the water. This colored them in various hues of reddish browns. Eggs can also be boiled with beetroot to color them purple, or with saffron or turmeric to color them yellow. In the olden days, our grandmothers were skilled at decorating much more intricately than this. Eggs were painted with the most beautiful patterns and the finest examples were entered into the Easter Fair competitions, just like Babushka in Rechenka’s Eggs.


Patricia Polacco, the author and illustrator of Rechenka’s Eggs, has Russian, Ukrainian, and Georgian roots. Polacco has captured the EGG-ssence of the egg decorating ritual beautifully! Illustrations in this book transport me back to my trip to Russia over thirty years ago, and the babushka in the image below resembles the wise women I saw as I walked the market streets.


This beautiful Easter story tells of an old woman who is nursing a goose wounded by hunters. Babushka named the bird Rechenka (which is the Russian word affectionately referring to a river or to beautiful speech that flows like a river). In the lead up to Easter, Babushka is busy painting eggs to enter into the Easter Fair competition. But an unfortunate incident gets in her way and ruins all her work. Not surprisingly, love and a little magic interfere and save the day.

A note for my non-Russian speaking readers: the correct way of pronouncing it is [bəˈbʊʃkə] not “babUshka.”

Miz Fannie Mae’s Fine New Easter Hat

by Melissa Milich

Miz Fannie Mae’s Fine New Easter Hat is set in a small African American community, 25 miles from Meridian, Mississippi. It’s a time when people get their milk delivered to their door every morning by a milkman who drives a horse and wagon through the town in the early morning hours. A time when folks in the country shop from the Sears catalog instead of at Walmart. A time when a woman needs a fine new hat to wear to church on Easter morning.


Fannie Mae’s husband, Hayman, decides to go to the city on Holy Saturday to get his wife a hat. He takes their daughter Tandy with him. Before they leave, Tandy’s mama tells her not to let her daddy spend too much money.

Tandy and her father find an EGG-stra amazing hat, covered with fruit and flowers, draped in netting, with four tiny eggs. They decide to buy the hat, even though it is clearly too much money; and when they get home, Fannie Mae won’t even try it on. You’ll be SHELL-SHOCKED to discover the ending of this EGG-silarating story and the miracle of Miz Fannie Mae’s Fine New Easter Hat.

Spring has arrived and with it a glimpse of sunshine that invites you to enjoy some much-needed relaxation. The TOP 11 EGG-straordinary Spring Reads we have compiled for you are unforgettable stories. Take advantage of the beautiful weather this season has to offer. Enjoy reading your basket full of these recommended Spring reads in the backyard, park, or under the covers, instead of getting to work in your flower bed.

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