Top 10 Children’s Books for Summer Reading by Dr. Shawna Della Cerra

This is a great season for reading. Your summer will be super fun with this Top 10 Children’s Books for Summer Reading. Whether you are on the beach, in the mountains, resting at home, or on the road, these books will make any day an adventure.

1. Biscuits First Beach Day, Alyssa Satin Capucilli

You’ll enjoy reading about Biscuit’s first time at the beach, playing in the ocean, collecting seashells, and building a sandcastle. The Biscuit book series can be read in any order. (Ages 3-7). Search Biscuit Book Read Aloud for free YouTube videos and activities.

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2. First Grade, Here I Come! Nancy Carlson

Things are different for Harry in first grade. It’s not like Kindergarten, and Harry is not sure how he feels about it. This book will ease your child’s mind about first grade through its easy-to-read print and text full of common site words.

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3. Amelia Bedelia Book Series, Peggy Parish

Summer will be filled with fun when you dive into the Amelia Bedelia book series. Amelia Bedelia does EXACTLY what you tell her to do, so be VERY CAREFUL what you say! You’ll laugh out loud reading about Amelia Bedelia while expanding your vocabulary.

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4. Flat Stanley, Jeff Brown

Flat Stanley books are fabulous books that are not only enjoyable to read, but also facilitate the improvement of reading and writing skills while promoting an interest in learning about diverse people and places. This series begins with Flat Stanley: His Original Adventure!

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5. Hello Lighthouse, Sophie Blackall

Caldecott winner Sophie Blackall does a gorgeous job showing the beauty of lighthouse life … and the change that’s coming. While keepers tend to their responsibilities, waves roll by, seasons come and go, keepers tend to their duties, the lighthouse stands tall. The Lighthouse shines out into the darkness, welcoming all the ships at sea.

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6. Eyes that Kiss in the Corners, Joanna Ho

We are all unique. This beautifully written and illustrated book will inspire conversations around feelings about looking different from siblings and peers, along with the importance of recognizing and celebrating one’s uniqueness.

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7. El Deafo, Cece Bell

It’s hard enough to make friends at school, but trying to make friends while wearing a hearing aid is even harder! Cece Bell is a superhero for writing this book to assist us in being more tolerant of differences and in finding true friends.

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8. Candy Kingdom, Jenny Griffith

A perfect summer read! What will happen to Zeb and his sister Ellie when they get dropped off at their grandmother’s home for the summer? The secret locked room is soon to be opened, but what will happen with its closet full of forbidden games? Summer will never be the same!

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9. The World Can Wait for Moms, Julianne Heywood

Moms are amazing! They exercise their talents at home with their families. When you read this book, you will notice the amazing talents, hopes, and dreams your mother shares just with you. Keep a lookout for the Dad version!

10. The Marvelous Maze, Maxine Schur

Prince Eric is clever and brave. One day he summoned the royal gardener to create a beautiful maze garden. He plans to marry the princess who can find her way out of the marvelous maze. You will fill your eyes with beautiful words and illustrations as you read this royal book.

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Lawley Publishing wishes you all a sensational summer, filled with splendid books!

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