Sky Nutall



Sky Nuttall is a passionate and meticulous professional editor. She is a desert-loving Arizonian transplant that has a keen eye for grammar. Sky and her husband frequently tease that she is the one person in about a million who gets giddy about grammar and secretly notices every editing error in social media posts, texts, emails, and even greeting cards. Sky loves language and thoroughly enjoys her career in editing. She is passionate about helping authors reach their publication goals by providing them with quality editing and feedback on their books. Sky enjoys interacting with authors all over the globe as they collaborate and work together to make their publication the very best that it can be. She is a continual learner and works hard to keep her skills sharp and up to date in order to provide authors with the very best editing and style experience. Sky loves spending time with her husband and three littles and has quite the weakness when it comes to cookies. She loves photography and kayaking the Salt River with her family.