Lara Law



Lara Law has a diverse set of skills that have led her to be one of the exuberant owners of Lawley Publishing. She is a child at heart, which made serving as PTO president in the Gilbert public school system for 14 years fly by. She has an affinity for teachers and teaching and understands how a special book empowers a child and a well-executed fund-raiser or celebration supports their teachers. Lara is raising five of her own diverse children and is also a devoted grandmother to a growing number of grandchildren, which means she knows a thing or two about what battles kids face in today’s world. That’s why she’s laser-focused when selecting empowering literature to publish. Lawley Publishing is not her first business venture. She owned her own catering business for eight years, and she and her husband owned a successful Golden Spoon for the five years following. Tie all those fantastic abilities together with the fact that Lara is a skilled artist and still believes in magic, and you have the ideal combination for what it takes to help run a children’s book publishing house.

On a personal note, Lara grew up in the salty beach air of Southern California, where her love of dance and theater flourished. She now enjoys the vibrant sunsets of Arizona with her high school sweetheart and love of her life. Lara is determined to follow her heart in all her endeavors, never grow old, wear her cheerful overalls to make her friend smile, and allow her childlike spirit to soar.