Carrie Turley



Carrie’s journey into the publishing world began when she won an elementary school writing contest and her submission wound up in the school library. She gained more valuable skills to use as an owner of Lawley Publishing through teaching at an elementary school in Mesa, Arizona and then by homeschooling her three children. She has an appreciation for how children learn and how to impact them through a well-constructed story. Carrie is no stranger to the business world. She has owned and promoted her own clothing boutique, handled management and organization details for a dance studio, and knows the exactness of business practices from working in a CPA office for over nine years. Carrie is a talented author herself and understands the nuances of great rhyme, the creativity it takes to produce an engaging story, the complexities of textual layout, and how a cover can make or break a book.

Carrie is a native of Arizona and currently resides in Gilbert with her husband and her grown children, who live nearby. She can often be found in a world of make-believe, with her flock of grandchildren frolicking right alongside her. Carrie revels in creating and publishing stories of grand adventures and true friendship. She believes anything is possible and strives to share her love and hope through her dedication to producing fun, empowering, imaginative literature.