When Zissel Got Rich

Maxine Rose Schur

When Zissel got rich, she craved expensive jewelry, but the more she bought, the sadder she became. In this wildly comic story, Maxine Rose Schur creates a fun yet heart-warming Jewish folk tale that proves we might already have all we would ever need and want.


  1. Freidele Galya Soban Biniashvili

    Overall, although this story takes place “Long ago, well before you were born,” author Schur and illustrator De Liso have combined their storytelling talents to produce a book with a timeless message for our materialistic society, which is always striving to acquire more as a means to acquiring happiness.

  2. Reviewed by Readers’ Favorite

    When Zissel Got Rich by Maxine Rose Shur is a delightful children’s storybook about a woman’s pursuit of happiness, sprinkled with Hebrew folklore. Zissel leads a simple life in a quaint little house with a husband, dog, and three children that love one another dearly. In time, Zissel’s husband’s business flourishes, raising the family’s status and bank balance. Soon, they are invited to the best parties, mingling with the rich and famous. During such a party, Zissel notices people flocking to the countess to shake her hand, but all Zissel sees is the size of her ring. Zissel tells her husband that she would be happy if she had a larger ring than the countess. The ring Zissel purchased was so big and heavy that her hand hurt. Zissel would not remove the ring, however, believing that jewelry is what she required for happiness. Maxine Rose Shur writes with a welcoming tone that uses humor to introduce the reader to Hebrew traditions. The illustrations by Cristina de Liso are hilarious and match the storyline to perfection. My grandchildren laughed so hard at the images of Zissel flaunting her jewels. The theme of When Zissel Got Rich hit a home run with us emotionally. My husband and I sold our home and took to the road. As full-time RVers, we have discovered material things are temporary, but memories last a lifetime. Like Zissel, we felt weighed down by things we thought would make us happy. I love children’s stories with hidden messages and will be purchasing additional copies of the book for our nieces and nephews.

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