Wait For Me (paperback)

Molly McNamara Carter

“Wait for me!” is what Charlie seems to say to everyone. His mama, at school, and even his friends. Charlie loves looking for butterflies, rocks, and other pretty things, even though everyone always tells him to hurry up. But what happens when Charlie visits Grandpa? A tender book about the simple beauties of life and appreciating the things that matter most.

Paperback (11″ x 8.5″)


  1. Reviewed by Philip Van Heusen for Readers’ Favorite

    Those who rush from place to place will miss all the wonders found along the path. However, when one slows down and enjoys the journey, they will be amazed at what they see. In Wait for Me by Molly McNamara Carter, Charlie is young and finds keeping up difficult. Part of the problem is his short legs, but he also likes to explore as he walks. His family and friends always tell Charlie to hurry up; however, when he visits his grandfather, he learns it is ok to slow down. Together, they take their time walking and observing nature’s wonders. Even though Charlie is slow, he is faster than his grandpa. Read this book to and with your children and help them learn that it is good to enjoy the journey and not just rush to the destination. Many adults could also learn this lesson.

    Molly McNamara Carter shares the joy of taking your time in Wait for Me. Unfortunately, we live in a world where people rush everywhere. This urgent rushing has destroyed our community. Sadly, too many focus on the goal and miss all the treasures along the way. Charlie spends time with his grandfather and learns to slow down. Children often want to be older, faster, and bigger. As parents, it is our job to teach our children to enjoy the milestones along the way and not try to skip over them. If we are too rushed to enjoy the marvels of nature, then our lives are too rushed. Take a walk with your child and explore as you go. What do you think they will find? What life lessons can you share with your child if you are not rushing so much? Charlie’s grandfather could share much with Charlie when they slowed down and walked together. Don’t rush ahead of your children, but adjust your pace to walk with your children.

  2. Reviewed by Readers’ Favorite

    Charlie, with brown hair and very light skin, who appears to be about five or six, is frequently being challenged to keep up with the others around him. “Wait for me!” he calls. His mother, brother, older friend, and teacher answer him with “Hurry up, Charlie. You’re going too slow!” Charlie does not think so as he enjoys the world around him at his level. When he visits his grandfather, he discovers a kindred spirit. It is now his grandfather asking Charlie to wait for him, to the child’s delight. Together they enjoy their walk in a park, admiring the flowers, birds, and insects. The soft-toned illustrations depict an affluent suburban neighborhood; the mostly white characters have round pupiless eyes, an interesting stylistic choice. Engaging snails are interspersed throughout with their own plot; children might enjoy finding them. VERDICT This gentle story about the benefits of going at your own pace can be considered an additional purchase where intergenerational stories are in demand.

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