Use Your Words (paperback)

Kim Bushman Aguilar

Written by Kim Bushman Aguilar
Illustrated by Spencer Liriano Navarro

Does your mom ever tell you to “USE YOUR WORDS?” Does she remind you to say “THE MAGIC WORDS?” Do you remember what they are? Yep, of course you do! Please and thank you! And guess what? In this book, you’ll learn a few more!

From “CLATTER” and “SIZZLE” to “HOPSCOTCH” and “FLIBBERTIGIBBET,” USE YOUR WORDS is a book for young, emergent readers (ages 4-7) that teaches vocabulary in a fun, quirky style.

Explore a world where words are the illustrations, and reflect the meanings of the words in a literal way. Bold and colorful, USE YOUR WORDS is not only about learning vocabulary; it’s a lesson on etiquette — a call to courage — and reminds its young readers to “ALWAYS USE YOUR BEST WORDS.”

Ages 4-7, 8.5″x8.5″


  1. Vernita Naylor for Readers’ Favorite

    Word usage, especially about etiquette, was once a prestigious form of art which meant manners, proper upbringing, and respect in the past. It appears that words and their meanings are lost to many. Use Your Words by Kim Bushman Aguilar comes to the rescue by bringing awareness and the use of words back to basics. Young children will learn not only from their parents or guardians about the importance of words but in this book they will discover that words such as please, excuse me, and thank you are essential. Here children will learn that there are words for every occasion from farewells and being helpful to reflecting excitement. Words can express the different emotions, sounds, or thoughts that your child may be experiencing. This book will teach your child how to put value, action, or expression behind their words. With the colorful and elaborate illustrations, children will be able to visualize these words and their proper usage to become effective communicators.

    When I chose this book I was excited from the beginning due to its title alone. The partnership between author Kim Bushman Aguilar and the illustrator Spencer Liriano Navarro that combined to create Use Your Words was worth it. Texting, social distancing, and the like create a strong barrier to communicating effectively and develop the potential for communication breakdowns. This book gives children the tools to see the various ways that words connect, something that they may not be able to articulate initially. This author has thought of everything from words about the weather, at school and home to some funny or silly words. With this book, your child’s vocabulary will grow tremendously. Children will enjoy this book and will look forward to not only reading it again and again but sharing it with a friend. Highly recommended.

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