Treasure Hunt (paperback)

Stephanie Wildman

Written by Stephanie Wildman
Illustrated by Estefanía Razo

In this light-hearted story, twins Flor and Roberto scamper through their house, hunting for treasure hidden by big brother, Luis. Can these everyday objects really be treasures that offer more fun than video games or TV? Join Flor and Roberto on their search and discover what fun Luis creates with a gigantic cardboard box.

“Protecting the environment has always been a priority for me so this wonderful story is very special. It shows how children can enjoy doing something to actually make a difference!”—Hon. Barbara Boxer, U.S. Senate (ret.)

Ages 3-8, 11″x8.5″


  1. Reviewed by Amy Louise Hill for Readers’ Favorite

    Treasure Hunt by Stephanie Wildman is a fun and adventurous picture book for young children. One day, Luis notices a delivery man outside taking away some cardboard boxes. He politely asks if he could have one of them. Luis waits patiently for his younger twin siblings, Roberto and Flor, to arrive home. Instead of the same old activities such as watching TV or playing video games, Luis presents them with a treasure hunt. The two search the house for clues until finally finding the last one that leads them to their ultimate treasure. What does Luis have in store for Roberto and Flor?

    Treasure Hunt was an enjoyable book to read. Children are going to love this adventure by the talented Stephanie Wildman. The book is full of mystery and intrigue from start to finish, as the main characters go on a treasure hunt. This is the perfect storyline for young readers because what child doesn’t love a treasure hunt? I have fond memories of going on treasure hunts as a child and I’m so glad that authors are keeping the tradition alive. I feel the story will help parents get their children away from their phones and computers, as it could inspire them to create treasure hunts. The illustrations by Estefania Razo are bright and colorful, and will undoubtedly attract the young reader’s attention. I hope to see more from Stephanie soon.

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