The World Can Wait for Dads

Julianne Heywood

Written by Julianne Heywood
Illustrated by Karlie West Denton

Time will come and go; the years will fly away, but I’m so glad to be here while we enjoy today!

Being a dad is the best job of all. This heartfelt book explores all the amazing things dads get to do with their children as they fulfill the vital work of fatherhood.

Shared from the perspective of a father’s heart, a child will feel their unique and irreplaceable place in their dad’s world as they see and read about how he enjoys spending time with them. All the tender feelings that are shared between dads and their children will be strengthened as you share this lovely book together.

Ages 3-8, 11″x8.5″


  1. Reviewed by Vernita Naylor for Readers’ Favorite

    Any child would feel special and cherished if a king, a superhero, or the candy man were their dad. Kudos to those dads that have the best job on Earth just being a dad. In the touching and inspiring book, The World Can Wait for Dads by Julianne Heywood with illustrations by Karli West Denton, the reader is given an insight into what it feels like to be a dad and the sacrifices that they make for their children. This book includes an added touch of a dad’s reflection on the time spent with his child, and each moment that makes him feel special: “But I will feel as rich as gold.” By spending time together with their dad, the life of a child opens, and they build character, are instilled with leadership skills, learn about adventure and so much more. By reading this book you will experience the deep affection, connection, and bond between dads and their children, which is essential for their growth and cognitive development.

    Once I read the book title, The World Can Wait for Dads, I was hooked. I’m happy that the author, Julianne Heywood, and illustrator, Karli West Denton joined together to give the honor due to our dads. Dads are not given as much credit, love, and respect as mothers for their hard work, but this book gives them that medal of honor. I was able to benefit as well from a personal bond with my dad, leading to high self-esteem, healthy relationships, and balance in my life. I enjoyed how the author and illustrator opened with the impact that their fathers had on their lives, which is essential in shaping a child’s future. My dad taught me to aspire to be my best in whatever I chose to do and live in the moment of my dreams and not that of others. We can learn a lot from dads. This book is highly recommend.

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