The Witches Ball

Lori Ries

Written by Lori Ries
Illustrated by Tracee Guzman

One O’Clock! Two O’Clock! Three O’Clock!

Tonight is the Witches Ball, and it starts promptly at twelve o’clock. But with nothing to wear and her shoelaces breaking, Millie is already racing against the chimes. When her broom breaks, she fears it’s the last straw. Will she make it to the ball on time? Grab your broom and ride along with Millie in this lively counting tale.

Ages 3-8, 11″x8.5″


  1. Reviewed by Readers’ Favorite

    The Witches Ball is written by Lori Ries and illustrated by Tracee Guzman. Millie was invited to the Witches Ball. She was so excited to be ready for the fun in time that she began hunting for the perfect outfit to wear. In search of the ideal dress, she made a trip to the local shop only to discover that there wasn’t a dress there that was right for her to wear to the Witches Ball. To make matters worse, her shoelace was broken, and her trusty broomstick wouldn’t fly. What was Millie to do? Would she be able to find the perfect dress to wear? How was she supposed to make the flight and could she get to the ball in time?

  2. Reviewed by Readers’ Favorite

    I truly enjoyed this sweet story about a young witch who will keep children entertained and flipping pages to see what happens next. It is a story that they can easily relate to, especially when they are feeling stressed about the perfect clothes, shoes, and accessories to wear for a special occasion, the way Millie does. The illustrations by Tracee Guzman are beautifully presented, and the colorful pictures suit this story perfectly. I recommend The Witches Ball by Lori Ries to young children. This one is sure to become any child’s storytime favorite that will be read several times. I hope to see Ries and Guzman team up in the future for stories like this one that will encourage kids to find new and interesting books as they learn to read.

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