The Traveling Tales of Nacho & Lola – The Grand Canyon

Terrilyn Trejo

Have you ever gone on a trip with your best friend? When Chihuahua companions, Nacho and Lola, take a vacation to the Grand Canyon, they can hardly believe their eyes – it’s spectacular and G-I-I-I-NORMOUS! From steam engine trains to mule rides, from sunset views to helicopters, this extraordinary natural wonder of the world has so much to offer! Follow Nacho and Lola on their RV adventure to the Grand Canyon, where learning about this Southwest treasure is more exciting than you’ll ever imagine.


  1. Reviewed by Readers’ Favorite

    The Grand Canyon: The Traveling Tales of Nacho and Lola is written by Terrilyn M Trejo and illustrated by Emily Brunner. Nacho and Lola are Chihuahuas who are also best friends. They go on a road trip to have an adventure to remember. They see a species of cactus in the desert that has a very interesting growth rate and lives for many years. They visit some famous locations on their way to Arizona that thrill them to new heights. At the Grand Canyon, Lola and Nacho learn some fun facts that give them even more to be excited about. What places did the Chihuahuas visit? What are the facts they learned about the places they visited? Where were they traveling from, and how did they get to where they were going? Did Nacho and Lola enjoy their adventure?

    I absolutely loved The Grand Canyon with Nacho and Lola and their great adventure. The level of enthusiasm the characters showed about everything they came into contact with will encourage kids to find adventures of their own to get excited about. The underlying educational message in this story will also inspire kids to want to learn new things about places they may or may not have visited. The illustrations by Emily Brunner are beautiful and complement the story by giving kids a view of what the locations look like and the way Lola and Nacho respond to each stop. I recommend The Grand Canyon by Terrilyn M Trejo to young children who love adventurous stories that take them to new places so they can learn fun facts in an entertaining way.

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