The Majestic Pigeon

William Hart

Have you ever wanted your own private tour guide at the zoo? Memo the Majestic Pigeon delights in showing his expertise on zoo animals and, of course, showing guests how great pigeons can be. But he soon realizes there are some visitors who are unable to enjoy the Majestic Pigeon Experience. They will miss out on so much the zoo has to offer! Join Memo as he discovers the importance of including others and what it really means to him.


  1. Reviewed by Readers’ Favorite

    The Majestic Pigeon is a children’s picture book written by William Hart with illustrations by Amara Venayas Rodriguez. The story follows Memo the Pigeon, a tour guide at the zoo, who takes visitors on the majestic pigeon experience. Memo’s job is fun because he introduces visitors to his animal friends and teaches them life-changing lessons. One sunny day, Memo and the visitors meet the lions, elephants, and giraffes. They also learn fun facts about these creatures and pigeons. Memo interacts with a special child visiting the zoo, and shares a message about love and kindness. To enjoy an amazing adventure at the zoo with Memo the Pigeon, get yourself a copy of this book.

    The Majestic Pigeon is a heartwarming story with inspiring lessons on compassion and determination. I loved this book’s concept because it was not what I was expecting. William Hart combines a story about a fun adventure at the zoo with a profound message about kindness and love. Memo is a confident bird with a charming personality. His messages about following your dreams, celebrating each other’s differences, and embracing one another were encouraging and uniting. The author uses animal puns and creative references to add humor to the story. The book has colorful illustrations that perfectly tell the story and bring the characters to life. Memo’s antics and cheerful personality were evident in the art, and they put a smile on my face. I loved reading this book and recommend adding it to your children’s reading list. Great work.

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