The Lost Island of Pirates, Curses and Dinosaurs

Aaron Bonsall

Written by Aaron Bonsall
Illustrated by Spencer Liriano Navarro

Ax Stone doesn’t want to spend time with his dad jumping out of airplanes and searching for pirate treasures. He just wants to stay home and play video games like everyone else his age. But when your family is cursed, you don’t have much of a choice.

Garlander Stone is Ax’s eighth great grandfather. He’s also the pirate responsible for bringing the curse upon the Stone family. For many generations, the Stones have been looking for Garlander’s lost treasure and an ancient cup that will lift the family curse.

When Ax and his dad embark on a daring journey, parachuting onto the mysterious island of Tosh Natal, they are met with more than shipwrecks and pirate treasure. The island contains a secret they never imagined. Living dinosaurs! But the wonders of the island turn deadly when the meat-eatingĀ Carnotaurus finds their camp.

Ax and his dad don’t always work well together. Will they learn to rely on each other’s strengthsĀ before it’s too late?

Ages 7-12, 6″x9″


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