The Little Green Pumpkin

Molly McNamara Carter

Written & Illustrated by Molly Carter

In a field full of orange pumpkins, the Little Green Pumpkin just wants to look like everyone else. She tries everything she can think of to turn orange, but nothing works. After the pumpkins get picked, they bump along to someplace new, where the Little Green Pumpkin discovers something perfectly wonderful about being green.

Ages 2-7, 11″x8.5″


  1. Reviewed by Taylor Quinn for Pine Reads Review

    The Little Green Pumpkin wants nothing more than to look like all the other pumpkins in the field—big and orange. She tries everything to turn herself orange, but nothing works. The Little Green Pumpkin struggles to love her green rind until the farmer brings the pumpkins to the pumpkin patch. Suddenly, the Little Green Pumpkin realizes all the different shapes, sizes, and colors pumpkins can come in! Though she is nervous no one will want her, the Little Green Pumpkin is pleasantly surprised when she is selected by a little girl, who loves her for her unique, green rind.

    Told from the point of view of the Little Green Pumpkin, this story takes the reader on a journey of struggling to love oneself when they don’t quite fit in. The Little Green Pumpkin struggles to love her green rind because she doesn’t look like the other pumpkins, and she believes the other pumpkins are beautiful and better than her because of their appearance. This is a universal struggle so many children face going into school where their classmates may not look, dress, or talk like them.

    One of my favorite parts of this story was the contrast between the field, where the Little Green Pumpkin was surrounded by only orange pumpkins, to the pumpkin patch, where she was surrounded by many different kinds of pumpkins. I think this speaks to the idea that one’s perception of the self is dependent on their environment. And being in the right environment—full of different people, cultures, and identities—is important to understanding that there is not one definition of beauty or worth. In addition to the powerful message about self-love, this story is a cute, fun picture book perfect for any autumn story time.

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