The Kindness Snowflake

Jen Brewer

Written by Jen Brewer
Illustrated by Diana Del Grande

It’s Snowing!

Have you ever wondered how snowflakes are formed and why they are important? You can learn along with Mary as her mom teaches her about the wonderful world of snow.

The fun doesn’t stop there. Mary hatches a plan to make a special snowflake that helps spread love to all around.

Will The Kindness Snowflake be enough to melt the heart of grumpy old Mr. Henderson? Turn the pages to find out.

This colorful book teaches the powerful effects that one small act of kindness can bring and includes directions for making your own Kindness Snowflake so you can join Mary in spreading the love.

Ages 3-12, 8.5″x11″


  1. Reviewed by Melinda Facal for Readers’ Favorite

    The Kindness Snowflake by Jen Brewer with illustrations by Diana Del Grande is a heartwarming children’s book. The story begins with the wonder of waking up to see a snow-covered earth. Lovely illustrations capture the warmth and coziness that may be experienced on a snowy day. Mary is enchanted by the snow and her mother, a meteorologist, provides many fascinating facts about snowflakes. Mary’s mother also shares a beautiful message with her children about how falling snowflakes are related to spreading kindness. Soon Mary and her family are sharing more and more acts of kindness within and without their home. Readers are encouraged to create snowflakes and to share in the joy of considering and helping others. The Kindness Snowflake will remind readers of all ages that no act of kindness can ever be too small.

    Filled with interesting facts about snow, gorgeous illustrations, and a heartfelt message about thoughtfulness and compassion, this story is sure to engage young readers. The joy and fun of playing in the snow are also wonderfully captured throughout this charming book. Parents, caregivers, and children will be inspired to make their kindness snowflakes and to start spreading joy within their own families and communities. This book may spark discussions about how we can assist others and how simple gestures of kindness can have a lasting impact. A positive and uplifting book, this story is likely to become one that children will want to read again and again. Jen Brewer’s The Kindness Snowflake is a highly recommended read.

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