The Case of The Missing Title

Debi Novotny

Book is back at the library, ready to be borrowed again. But wait, his title is missing. This is no joke! How will they know which shelf to put him on? Friendly Dictionary uses clues from Book’s pages to help him find the section he belongs in, but it’s a dangerous journey through splattered paint, growling books, and dirt-covered shelves. Will he ever find his section? Follow Book as he journeys through the library and finds that no matter what, everyone belongs somewhere.


  1. Reviewed by Readers’ Favorite

    In this story, Book loses his jacket. Dictionary takes him through the bookshelves, hoping to find out where Book is supposed to be. Dictionary asks Book about the things he knows, looking for a clue to tell them his title. They check out the animal section, the secret spy section, the gardening area, and the art section. Facing down dirt, flying paint, bees, and cameras along the way did nothing but tell them where Book wasn’t supposed to be. Where else should Dictionary and Book look for clues? Where did Book lose his jacket? Will he ever find out who he is and where he fits in? Find out in The Case of The Missing Title written by Debi Novotny and illustrated by Summer Parico.

    The Case of The Missing Title by Debi Novotny takes us through the bookshelves of a library where the main character, Book, has lost his jacket and doesn’t know his title. As Dictionary tries to help Book through his identity crisis, kids can quickly identify with the characters. How the main characters focus on what they know about Book’s personality to help him discover who he is and where he fits in will help kids look inside themselves to figure out who they are. The illustrations by Summer Parico are beautiful and provide images that kids can follow while reading the story. I recommend it to young children and hope this author and illustrator team up again to deliver adorable stories like this one with essential life lessons for kids.

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