The Belly Button Express (paperback)

Amy Despain

Written by Amy Despain
Illustrated by Jocie Salveson

Let’s Go for a ride in the Belly Button Express! Have you ever ridden in a wagon? Well, be sure to hang on tight as you feel the wind in your face and get a little dirt in your teeth! This special wagon was built for adventure, built for fun, and built with love. The magic of The Belly Button Express comes alive just like it did for the special children that it was built for. Tucked into the pine trees, The Belly Button Express is there, just waiting for you.

Ages 3-10, 11″x8.5″


  1. Reviewed by Luwi Nyakansaila for Readers’ Favorite

    The legacy of The Belly Button Express wagon has passed from one generation to the next. The special children that enjoyed adventurous rides on the wagon got cuts and bruises from the rides, but they still had a good time. The man in the blue hat attached two mules that helped to pull the wagon through the forest. They passed over rough terrain and ran into coyotes, foxes, and bobcats. They journeyed on because the man in the blue hat always protected them. Every summer, the wagon showed up for the small-town parade, and it was always the best sight. The Belly Button Express was always in good condition in readiness for the special children that came during summer. Unfortunately, the man in the blue hat aged and could no longer drive or take care of the big red wagon. The wagon got older too, and could not be driven anymore. Years passed, and the special children returned with their children to reminisce. Enjoy the journey by reading The Belly Button Express by Amy Despain.

    The Belly Button Express by Amy Despain is an endearing story about creating beautiful childhood memories with friends over the summer. The special children met every summer for an adventure. They bonded over their scratches and bruises, and later in life, over the adventures they enjoyed during their summer rides. The man in the blue hat is a mysterious yet lovable character. He was a caring man with a love for the children and his wagon. He protected the children from trouble in the forest and taught them to work as a team. The story is also told in the form of beautiful illustrations that depict the special children, the man in the blue hat, and The Belly Button Express.

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