Thank You, Please and Pardon Me

Kristin Russo

Written by Kristin Russo
Illustrated by Kyle McDonald

You’re growing up, and there are some things
that becoming a big kid certainly brings.
This is a book that is made just for you,
full of sweet manners that I know to be true.
It’s silly and fun, and I hope you will learn
as you read and explore these pages you turn!

Ages 3-12, 11″x8.5″


  1. Vernita Naylor for Readers’ Favorite

    As parents and guardians, we have the grave responsibility of raising our children to be well-rounded adults. Adults know that how we express ourselves speaks volumes in our interactions and connections with others. These actions go a long way and can impact the future either negatively or positively. It appears that etiquette, words of courtesy, extended care, language, and their expression are lost to many. Thank you, Please, and Pardon Me by Kristin Russo, with meaningful illustrations by Kyle McDonald, sets the stage for change. This book can be viewed as a parent’s letter to a child, letting them know that they’re important while teaching things they need to know that will have a positive influence on the world. It’s the simple things like ‘can I help, are you okay, excuse me,’ covering your mouth when you sneeze or yawn, giving a listening ear or a hug that not only makes a difference but sets a practical precedent for future generations.

    This book was a pleasure to read because as Kristin Russo points out in Thank you, Please, and Pardon Me, in each phase of a child’s life and well into becoming a young adult there are different lessons to be learned. This book provides the tools and vocabulary that children need to express themselves correctly. Children must discover the different words to articulate the various emotions and thoughts that they may be experiencing. Just as I did, your child will enjoy this book and will look forward to reading it again and again, while sharing what they’ve learned with a friend because children live to share new things. Highly recommended.

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