Thaddeus Thayn’s Guide to Dragons (paperback)

Ryan Law

I’m the great world explorer Thaddeus Thayn.
I created some guides with the knowledge I’ve gained.
Magical creatures are what I discover.
In this one, DRAGONS are what I uncover.
So many unique kinds that are super neat.
Learning about them all is such a sweet treat.
In these notes, my love for these creatures is shown.
In the end, I hope your love for them has grown.

(8.5″ x 8.5″)


  1. Reviewed by Savannah Aldridge for Readers’ Favorite

    Fantasy fans of all ages are sure to love Ryan Law’s Thaddeus Thayn’s Guide to Dragons, an exciting addition to everything you have ever learned about dragon lore. In this illustrated “field guide,” Thaddeus Thayn has collected many illustrations and details of a plethora of dragon species. Each dragon is introduced and described in rhyme, and each entry includes plenty of drawings and clarifying notes on the (mostly) friendly creatures. After teaching about Garden Backs, Sweet Ickys, and Bubblebeams, Thaddeus departs on a search for more mythical beings. This picture book is perfect for young readers to try on their own, or for the older dragon lovers in your life to add to their collections.

    Thaddeus Thayn’s Guide to Dragons made a dragon fan out of me. I was immediately won over by the charming introduction of Thaddeus Thayn and his rhymes. The short poems are clever, yet concise – perfect for engaging adults while still being comprehensible to beginner readers. While we may already have our ideas about dragons – winged, fire-breathing, and mean – Ryan Law builds upon dragon mythology with some truly unique creatures. My personal favorite is the Wax Melt dragon, a grinning critter that cocoons itself in wax high up in the trees and then melts its way out into the night with its candle-like tail. Parents of easily frightened little ones can rest easy with this book, as every dragon in the guide is cute, playful, and no threat to anyone (other than tasty bugs).

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