Tell Everyone - Break the Silence of Child Abuse

Kim Bushman Aguilar

Illustrated by Brityn Willis Bennett

Hardcover, all ages, 11″x8.5″

Available April 12, 2022


  1. Philip Van Heusen for Readers’ Favorite

    Abuse of every type is rampant in this world. Kim Bushman Aguilar wants to help end the cycle of abuse. In Tell Everyone: Break the Silence of Child Abuse, Kim defines some of the common types of abuse and then tells readers what to do to stop the abuse. Kim explains that the proper response to abuse or attempted abuse is running and telling. It is not okay to keep secrets involving abuse. No one should be expected to endure abuse. When we open a conversation about abuse, we take the power of the abuser away. Telling is the first step in stopping. Anyone can be abused, and, unfortunately, anyone can be an abuser. Kim covers this and many more details in her book. The good news is that Kim does not just stop at explaining abuse. Instead, she goes on to explain kindness. Too many books about abuse leave children and their parents afraid to interact with anyone. Kim encourages celebrating kindness and telling about abuse. When these two attitudes work together, abuse will stop, and the world will become kinder.

    For her book, Tell Everyone, Kim Bushman Aguilar made an excellent choice in Brityn Willis Bennett as its illustrator. She accomplishes portraying the horror of abuse without being graphic and scary. Kim’s deep desire is that this book will serve to rescue children who are being abused, and even better, keep children from being abused. The way she approaches this delicate subject is with tenderness and compassion. She does not want to make children afraid of everyone, but she desires to help children be safe. Read this book to and with your child, remembering to stop and allow them to ask questions. Be sure to explain thoroughly (at their level) all questions. If some form of abuse is broached in reading this book, contact the authorities. Assure the child that they did not do wrong, and telling is always the correct response. Be supportive of your child.

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