Tell Everyone – Break the Silence of Child Abuse (paperback)

Kim Bushman Aguilar

Written by Kim Bushman Aguilar
Illustrated by Brityn Willis Bennett

Tell Everyone: Break the Silence of Child Abuse is a tool for parents, educators, and community specialists – social workers, first responders, medical personnel, therapists, etc. – to teach children to recognize and report abuse. Tell Everyone teaches children through the use of opposites, defining abusive experiences by comparing and contrasting abuse and kindness, and gives them a voice to share their stories.

Through powerful, simple, repetitive prose and stunning, inclusive watercolor illustrations, Tell Everyone: Break the Silence of Child Abuse is presented in two sections. The first section defines verbal, physical, and sexual abuse by giving examples of how children might experience them. It teaches them that “abuse is NEVER OKAY.” The second section defines verbal, physical, and sexual kindness. By contrasting abuse with kindness, and defining these terms in revolutionary ways, Tell Everyone: Break the Silence of Child Abuse helps children understand what abuse looks like when or if they experience it, empowers them to refuse to keep secrets – TELL EVERYONE what is happening to them – and get the help they deserve.

“As a School Counselor, I cannot say enough about this book. Tell Everyone: Break the Silence of Child Abuse teaches children to distinguish between the intricacies of abuse, powerfully self-advocate by reporting abuse, and recognize appropriate expressions of love and kindness.”—Stephanie Richardson, M.Ed, School Counselor

“This book will be incredibly helpful for parents, caregivers, teachers, and instructors to help them talk to children about the very sensitive topic of abuse. The illustrations are a masterful representation of the principles described and help the child feel comfortable talking about this important topic. I would highly recommend this book and the illustrations in it to be a regular part of helping adults navigate this ever-crucial conversation.”—Sam Richardson, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and former Senior Family Services Specialist, Child Protective Services

All ages, 11″x8.5″


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