Step Into Spanish: Cambio is My Lost Lizard (paperback)

Lori Ries

Miguel is crazy about his pets!

He has an aquarium full of fish and a bed full of cats. And when he finds a lizard, Miguel

cannot resist making Cambio his pet, too. At home, Miguel is excited about owning a

lizard. Cambio is sleek. Cambio is swift. Cambio does not want to be a pet. At least,

that’s what Miguel thinks when his lizard quickly disappears. Miguel looks through every

room in the house but can’t find Cambio. Did his newest pet run away?

The Step into Spanish Series is designed to teach children basic Spanish vocabulary

words through story. Children’s writer Lori Ries, and illustrator Lara Law, team up to

provide a fun way for children to explore the Spanish Language.


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