Skimmer & Birdy – Let’s Help Nell

Carrie Turley

Written by Carrie Turley
Illustrated by Ryan Law

Skimmer and Birdy are elephant friends
who love to have fun and play.
They giggle and laugh, they sing, and they dance—
until they see Nell pass their way.
Nell’s a giraffe, with a problem so tall,
her friends don’t know quite what to do.
But Skimmer and Birdy never give up.
They show that their friendship is true.
They help her in secret. They don’t ask for praise.
They don’t even want you to tell.
The very best part for Skimmer and Birdy
is the smile they put on Nell.

Ages 2-8, 8″x8″


  1. Bruce Arrington for Readers’ Favorite

    Skimmer & Birdy: Let’s Help Nell by Carrie Turley is a colorful children’s picture story. Skimmer and Birdy are two elephants who simply love life. They have positive, happy attitudes and are alert to those around them. So along comes Nell, the giraffe with a more self-centered temperament. There is something wrong, but she won’t talk to anyone about it. She has a façade that tells the world she is just fine until she starts bumping into things, tripping, and making a scene. But instead of making fun of her, these two positive heroes come up with a plan to help, give, and be kind. I love the drawings by Ryan Law. They are brilliant, detailed, and show wonderful character. It’s as if this story and his artistry were meant to be together. The fun and humor shine through every page of artwork.

    This story is awesome because it’s more than just a story about characters being kind to one another. It also highlights how attitudes are so important in our everyday lives. What a wonderful way to impart that in this book! You have Skimmer and Birdy, living on the bright side of life, loving every bit of it, and then using their energies to come to the aid of someone who can’t even admit there is a problem. On the flip side, it is a good lesson for those more self-absorbed or “superior” in attitude. Skimmer & Birdy: Let’s Help Nell by Carrie Turley is an absolute winner and will be treasured by children for years to come.

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