Polly Sumner – Witness to The Boston Tea Party

Richard C. Wiggin

When a beautiful doll, Polly Sumner, lands in Boston on a ship loaded with tea, she discovers growing discontent among the colonists over English taxes. One night, she has a front row seat for a parade of colonists, disguised as Mohawk Indians, heading to the docks to dump the tea. Trouble was brewing! When war breaks out, Polly struggles to understand why and how it will affect her. As she watches events unfold, she learns all about the meanings of liberty and patriotism. Swept up in events that change the course of history, she becomes a part of that history herself, in this unique tale of friendship and adventure.

This is the story of Polly Sumner, a real doll that will capture the heart of imagination of any child, and acquaint the young reader with important Revolutionary history, and the founding ideals of liberty and justice for all.


  1. Reviewed by Melinda Facal for Readers’ Favorite

    Reviewed by Melinda Facal for Readers’ Favorite
    Polly Sumner: Witness to The Boston Tea Party by Richard C. Wiggins is an engaging and informative read. This riveting historical account transports readers back in time as the key events that led to America’s independence unfold. These pivotal moments in history are told from the perspective of Polly Sumner, a doll who traveled on a ship from Britain bringing tea to the colonists in Boston, Massachusetts. The colonists were unhappy about being taxed with the approval of King George and were trying to establish their independence from Britain. This led to the Boston Tea Party and other significant moments that ultimately resulted in America’s independence. Seeing these important events through Polly’s eyes makes it fun and accessible for children to learn about history. Rich and detailed illustrations by Keith Favazza provide a captivating visual account of the colonial era. A useful and interesting timeline of events and a glossary of terms are also included.

  2. Reviewed by Melinda Facal for Readers’ Favorite

    Polly Sumner; Witness to The Boston Tea Party by Richard C. Wiggins is a fascinating look into the inspiring events that led to America’s independence. Readers will enjoy learning about this momentous time in history through Polly’s firsthand experiences. Parents, teachers, and caregivers will find this book to be a valuable resource in helping children to understand the remarkable events that led to the American Revolution. This entertaining story invites readers to learn more about the historical landmarks in Boston and children will be delighted to discover that they can see the doll Polly Sumner in person as they learn about her role in America’s history. The author seamlessly combines history with a sense of adventure while encouraging readers to take an active role and be a part of America’s continuing democracy. This is a highly recommended read.

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