Polly Sumner – Witness to The Boston Tea Party (paperback)

Richard C. Wiggin

Can a fashion doll from England find friendship and happiness in colonial America?

When a beautiful doll, Polly Sumner, lands in Boston on a ship loaded with tea, she discovers growing discontent among the colonists over English taxes. One night, she has a front row seat for a parade of colonists, disguised as Mohawk Indians, heading to the docks to dump the tea. Trouble was brewing! When war breaks out, Polly struggles to understand why and how it will affect her. As she watches events unfold, she learns all about the meanings of liberty and patriotism. Swept up in events that change the course of history, she becomes a part of that history herself, in this unique tale of friendship and adventure.

This is the story of Polly Sumner, a real doll that will capture the heart and imagination of any child, and acquaint the young reader with important Revolutionary history, and the founding ideals of liberty and justice for all.


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