Patrick’s Perfect Mistake

Paul Gibson

Have you ever felt like you keep messing things up? That’s exactly how Patrick feels! Try as he might, he just can’t seem to do everything perfectly. Join him as he makes mistakes and accidentally ruins special days, but ultimately makes the best of it. In Paul Gibson’s story, based loosely on his own experiences, learn what Patrick learned: sometimes, even when mistakes are made, things can be perfect in the end.


  1. Reviewed by Readers’ Favorite

    Everyone makes mistakes, big or small. In Patrick’s Perfect Mistake written by Paul Gibson and illustrated by Felipe Maldonado, children are taught that not all mistakes are necessarily wrong. Patrick is a young boy who tries to help out, but as soon as he does something, he makes a big mistake. When he decided to water the garden, he accidentally wet all the fireworks for the Fourth of July celebration. Even on Thanksgiving, poor Patrick made the mistake of spilling whipped cream all over his grandmother. As if he didn’t already feel embarrassed about all of his blunders, his older brother made him feel even worse. But Patrick was about to learn that not all mistakes turn out badly when, at Christmas, he accidentally delivered a gift from his mother to the wrong person.

  2. Reviewed by Readers’ Favorite

    Paul Gibson wrote Patrick’s Perfect Mistake to teach children that not all mistakes have unhappy consequences. A child should learn this vital lesson from a young age. I wish I had been allowed to read this book about thirty years back. I might have been less critical of myself and the mistakes I made. From reading this account as an adult, I learned that I have to look differently at the mistakes I made and see the positive in them. The story concludes on a heartwarming note, which is a perfect ending for an excellent book. The illustrations by Felipe Maldonado were exceptionally realistic and enjoyable. Felipe’s artwork brought this story together. This lovely children’s book was a delight to read, and the artwork was a feast for the eyes.

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