Party at Arnie’s

Fynisa Engler

Arnie is left home alone, which means it’s party time for this pooch and his canine friends. Music is playing, and dogs are dancing, but Stanley the Squirrel wants in, too. He’s never been to a party. As things start to get out of hand, Arnie rushes around cleaning. Stanley observes, undetected, shocked by these party animals’ behavior. When Arnie’s owner, Lucy, arrives home early, you’ll be surprised who gets blamed for this party disaster.


  1. Reviewed by Readers’ Favorite

    Party at Arnie’s by Fynisa Engler and Milanka Reardon is the story of a dog called Arnie who invites all the dogs in his neighborhood to a party while his owner is out. The dogs come in through the doggy door and they are very excited, so much so that they attract the attention of a squirrel called Stanley. He is curious to know what a party is so he sneaks inside on the back of one of the dogs. He is surprised to see how dogs have fun. Soon the party gets out of hand and the dogs make a mess in the house. Arnie freaks out and tries to tidy up before his owner returns. Stanley is trapped inside the house and desperately tries to find a way out. Meanwhile, Arnie’s owner is on her way home. Is Arnie going to get into trouble?

    Fynisa Engler has created a fun and engaging story with Party at Arnie’s. The story can teach children about being responsible and that sometimes pets can be extremely messy. The illustrations are detailed and young readers will love the different dogs and their antics. The story was well-written, and entertaining, and I liked how it ended, though poor Stanley did get the blame for it all. The author has a talent for telling a good story and making it fun. I think that kids who like dogs will love the book and it would suit the 3 – 6 age range. I would recommend Party at Arnie’s.

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