New School For Mouse

Fynisa Engler

Now that Mouse is settled at Mama Bunny’s foster home, it’s time to start school. Mouse wishes he could go to his old school with his old friends, but it’s too far away. Who will he sit with at lunch? Will anyone want to play with him? Follow Mouse on this emotional ride of making new firmed and learning empathy towards others.


  1. Reviewed by Readers’ Favorite

    New School for Mouse is another heartfelt picture book by Fynisa Engler and Ryan Law. Mouse is worried about being friendless on his first day of school. He recently moved to Mama Bunny’s foster home, and this new home means a new school, too. When he arrives, his fears seem to come true as he needs to partner with the teacher for group activities and is left out of games during recess. Then, when he goes to lunch, he befriends Rabbit, sitting alone. He learns that Rabbit, who is deaf, has also been left out. The two quickly find ways to communicate with each other and become friends. When another new student joins the school, Mouse and Rabbit remember what it feels like to be left out and include a third friend in their friendship.

    Another great Foster Mouse story from Fynisa Engler and Ryan Law! New School for Mouse depicts some of the challenges of foster life in a child-appropriate way, for instance, missing friends and family, being treated with contempt, and starting over in a new place. The illustrations feature several adorable and expressive characters from the first book in the Foster Mouse series that I love. I appreciated seeing these characters learn to overcome a problem through kindness and inclusion. This is an excellent story for group reading time and at a perfect level for beginner readers to attempt independently.

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