New Friend for Mouse

Fynisa Engler

Continue to follow Mouse on his foster care journey. In New Friend for Mouse, Mouse and Hedgehog have become best friends, but when Hedgehog breaks the news to Mouse that she’s moving, Mouse is devastated. Just when Mouse seems to be at his lowest, he receives news and opens his heart once again.


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    New Friend for Mouse is a children’s picture book written by Fynisa Engler and illustrated by Ryan Law. The story follows Mouse and Hedgehog, two kids living in Mama Bunny’s foster home. One day, while the children are coloring and making plans to build a fort, Hedgehog’s aunt arrives and takes her away for the day. Mouse misses his best friend and spends the day wondering where she went. When Hedgehog returns, she tells Mouse that she will be leaving the foster home to live with her aunt. This news makes Mouse sad, but Hedgehog promises to visit him, and they will still go to the same school. As Hedgehog leaves Mama Bunny’s house, a new friend arrives, and Mouse is excited to meet them. Follow Mouse as he welcomes his new friend.

    New Friend for Mouse is part of the Foster Mouse book series and it is a heartwarming story that teaches children about friendship and compassion. Mouse and Hedgehog’s beautiful friendship is inspiring, and many children will relate to their fun-loving natures and how much they miss each other. Fynisa Engler presents the topic of foster homes and different family dynamics in a way that is easy for children to understand. The clever use of cute animals and simple language makes the story feel familiar and relatable. Mouse’s situation is a common story for children living in foster homes, and it’s heartbreaking to see him feeling abandoned and struggling to hold on to someone. Fortunately, the story teaches children in similar situations to embrace new friends and be open to new adventures. The beautiful illustrations perfectly depict the characters and their emotions, making it a pleasure to read. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to add a heartwarming story to their children’s library. Overall, this is great work.

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