Magnificent Me!

Randa Canter

Written by Randa Canter
Illustrated by Rebecca Tibbetts

​There’s no question Macie’s life is full of hurdles. Being “Big Sister” to a brother with special medical needs is one of the biggest. But does it have to be? Learn how one girl’s perspective changes her whole life, starting with how she views herself!

Ages 2-8, 11″x8.5″


  1. Reviewed by Doreen Chombu for Readers’ Favorite

    Magnificent Me! is a children’s picture book by Randa Canter with illustrations by Rebecca Tibbetts. Macie tells the story of Parker, her special needs brother, using hurdles to represent the tough times and cake to represent positive moments. She talks about the different things her family experiences due to her brother’s illness. Macie loves her brother dearly and understands that he requires special care and attention. Their parents love them equally and Macie becomes a compassionate child because of their attitude. Macie displays a responsible and caring nature toward her brother and other kids and the whole family strives to find joy even in the darkest moments. Share this story with your children and teach one another to find a piece of cake in each hurdle.

    Saying I loved reading Magnificent Me! feels like an understatement. The story of Macie, Parker, and their family is a heartwarming experience that restored my faith in humanity. The book covers themes of family love and togetherness. The message is not only for kids with special needs siblings and friends, it is also a caution to parents and caregivers. Because children mimic everything you say and do, adults should radiate love and practice patience when dealing with sensitive kids. Macie’s parents and grandparents all pitch in with love and joy to help with Parker’s situation, which reflects on little Macie. She chooses to embrace her brother and gladly help in his recovery. I applaud the work that Randa Canter is doing and hope to read more of her work. Rebecca Tibbetts draws beautiful illustrations that bring the book to life and give it a warm feel. Having a child with special needs not only affects the parents and that specific child, but it also has an impact on the rest of the family. Let us aspire to be kind and loving to one another in all situations and create a world filled with magnificent people.

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