Madeline the Mermaid – Happy to be Colorfully Me!

Jolly Good Books

Written by Julie Awerkamp & Holly Andreason
Illustrated by Jesi Yap

Madeline doesn’t think she will ever be happy as a pink mermaid living in a black and white ocean. One day she meets some friends who help her appreciate her own special identity. This gives her the confidence to proudly proclaim, “I add color to the world, you see. I am happy being uniquely me.”

Ages 3-8, 8.5″x11″


  1. Reviewed by Readers Favorite

    In the charming story Madeline the Mermaid: Happy to be Colorfully Me by Julie Awerkamp and Holly Andreason, Madeline wishes she could fit in with the rest of her friends, but because she is pink, she is very self-conscious about her looks. She’s taunted and teased because of her color, and it makes her sad. One day, while out on her own, she makes an astonishing discovery. Madeline finds a red crab unlike any she has ever seen before. Unlike herself, the red crab was entirely comfortable with who he was. Madeline was surprised when he told her they weren’t the only colorful creatures and proceeded to take her on a journey to meet others. After each animal tells her how happy they are to be colorfully unique, her confidence begins to grow. By the time their journey was over, and it was time for Madeline to go home, she had met so many colorful creatures that they created a beautiful rainbow. From then on, she would no longer be ashamed of who she was. Madeline knew she was special and unique, and she was now happy about that. Madeline the Mermaid was such a touching and adorable read. It’s sad how the need for acceptance and kids bullying other peers is reaching younger and younger children. This book tells a beautiful story about a girl that just wanted to fit in with everyone else but ended up learning she’s exceptional, and standing out isn’t necessarily a bad thing. She’s unique and proud to be so. Madeline is a very likable character with whom children will be able to resonate. I also love the beautifully done illustrations that fit perfectly with the storyline. The colorful sea creatures against the grey made them stand out and prove the story’s point. Julie Awerkamp and Holly Andreason have done a great job with this book, and I look forward to seeing more of their work.

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