Kasanova: Lost in Love

Royal Baysinger

Written by Royal Baysinger
Illustrated by Tamzon Olmstead

Kasanova is a lonely koala who is tired of hugging his old gum tree for comfort. Desperate for love and someone to hold close, he falls for the first creature he sees – a kangaroo. Confident that she will appreciate his koala wooing techniques, he goes to great lengths to impress her. But will they be enough to win her affection?

Ages 3-8, 8.5″x11″


  1. Reviewed by Carmen Tenorio for Readers’ Favorite

    Kasanova: Lost in Love by Royal Baysinger tells the tale of a lonely Australian koala who has grown weary of his solitary life in a gum tree. He was smitten by a kangaroo eating under a eucalyptus tree nearby, but the lady kangaroo eventually hopped away. Kasanova was left feeling dejected by this missed chance, so he went to sleep. When he woke up, he saw the kangaroo again and thought this was his second chance until a male kangaroo whisked her away to be his mate. Kasanova was inconsolable but his attention was grabbed by the stunning female cassowary that appeared from a bush next to him. Suddenly a sound coming from the eucalyptus tree caused his heart to skip. This was a call from a female koala, who ultimately proved to be the perfect partner he was longing for.

    Kasanova: Lost in Love is a humorous take on the mating behavior of an amusing koala. Like humans, animals have a natural need for friendship and companionship. Royal Baysinger has created quite an engaging character, and much like human beings, Kasanova experiences matchmaking as a hit-and-miss affair. You feel sorry for this little guy but you will still find his initial lack of experience and judgment hilarious. The adorable single-page watercolor illustrations by Tamzon Olmstead are impressive, memorable, fun, and delightfully detailed, making them play an important role when it comes to showing the bigger picture and keeping pace with Kasanova’s mate-searching adventure. The language is simple, making it a worthwhile read-along book for the younger reader because of its humor and bright illustrations. It is also an entertaining story for the more independent reader. Recommended for kids 3 to 8 years old and above.

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