Hop, Vroom, Skitter

Debi Novotny

When Tortoise wakes up from his long nap, all he wants is lunch. On his search for tasty treats, he realizes that all of his desert friends have a special talent, but he doesn’t…until a desert rain sweeps in. Tortoise finally discovers just how special he is and how his unique qualities can help others. Everything he wanted, he already had!

Hop, Vroom, Skitter is a story of self-love, perfect for sharing with anyone who seeks to know what special gifts lie within them.


  1. Reviewed by Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers’ Favorite

    Hop, Vroom, Skitter by Debi Novotny and Jess Rose is an illustrated story for kids. Tortoise has been asleep for a while and when he wakes up, he’s hungry. Plodding off to find some food, he meets his best friends, Jackrabbit, Hummingbird, and Packrat. He can smell delicious food but he can’t get to it and Tortoise is upset that all his friends have some kind of special ability but he doesn’t. Then it begins to rain and Tortoise discovers that he does have a special talent, one that he can use to save the day for all his friends, not just himself.

  2. Reviewed by Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers’ Favorite

    Hop, Vroom, Skitter by Debi Novotny and Jess Rose is a wonderfully illustrated short tale for kids. The colorful pictures bring the characters to life and it’s perfectly written for the target audience. At first glance, it is just a simple account of desert friends looking for food, but it’s more than that. This story teaches several things, particularly the value of friendship, trust, and believing in ourselves. We all have a gift. Some people don’t know what their gift is, but this story teaches that we sometimes need to dig deeper, and when the time is right our gift will come to the fore. It also highlights that we are all different and sometimes a group effort is needed, with different skills combined to achieve something that benefits everyone. Kids will love this, not just for the story, but for what they can learn from it too. I guess some adults could also learn from reading it.

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