Holly and the Secret Seeds

Marsha Jackson

Written by Marsha Jackson
Illustrated by Sheena Whatcott

Holly loves planting hollyhocks and black-eyed Susans in her yard and watching them grow. When those blossoms turn into seed pods, she gathers more than her little buckets can hold. After a trip to the library, she is inspired to share her seeds with all her neighbors – secretly! Join Holly as she spreads seeds of love throughout her town and brings everyone together with a colorful spring surprise.

Ages 3-8, 8″x8″


  1. Melinda Facal for Readers’ Favorite

    Holly and the Secret Seeds is a heartwarming children’s book written by Marsha Jackson with illustrations by Sheena Whatcott. This story shares a beautiful message about how little acts can have meaningful consequences. After reading a book at the library, Holly is inspired to spread beauty around her town. By secretly planting seeds in various places such as the library and her school, Holly adds joy to the town and her surroundings. After planting the seeds, Holly waits very patiently for the flowers to bloom. The simple act of planting these seeds makes Holly happy and she waits with anticipation for everyone around her to be delighted once the flowers bloom and grow. Lovely and detailed illustrations accompany this uplifting tale.

    Marsha Jackson’s Holly and the Secret Seeds is an inspiring story about the power and lasting impact of kindness and thoughtfulness. Holly secretly plants seeds all around her neighborhood with the only goal of bringing happiness to others. Holly does not seek any attention or recognition for doing this. This thoughtful consideration and simple kindness will be an inspiration to readers of all ages. Holly’s selflessness provides a positive example of how doing small things for others can be meaningful. This will likely spark imaginations to think of creative ways to add goodness to the world around us. This charming story also highlights the impact books can have on our lives as Holly is moved to take action after reading a book from her local library. Holly and the Secret Seeds is a highly recommended and enjoyable read.

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