Gullible Gus

Maxine Rose Schur

Written by Maxine Rose Schur
Illustrated by Andrew Glass

​Poor Gus! He’s so gullible; he believes everything people tell him. Everything! The other cowboys feed him lies and tall tales – just to see if he’ll swallow their silly stories. Their teasing makes him sadder than dry soup. But luckily, Doc Hickory knows a cure for gullibility, and it starts with a visit to Fibrock, a town full of liars. Can the biggest fibber in Fibrock teach Gus the difference between fact and falsehood? Maybe it’s not always clear which is which . . .

Ages 7-12, 6″x9″

A Junior Library Guild Selection

“This darn good yarn will have kids galloping through the pages.” – Kirkus Review


  1. Reviewed by Kirkus Review

    This darn good yarn will have kids galloping through the pages… —Kirkus Review

  2. Review by American Library Association

    Cowboy Gus is so gullible that he believes everything people tell him. To cure his gullibility, the town doctor recommends that Gus travel to Fibrock and listen to tall tales until he hears something he believes to be impossible. Gus finds Hokum Malarkey, who tells wild tales about outrageous characters such as Cantankerous Clem, who foils a bank robber with the help of his beloved upholstered chair. But it’s the improbable story of Backwards Hannah, who manages to do everything exactly as her name implies, that finally cures Gus of his gullibility. The many colorful country expressions, like “perilous portion of pure poppycock,” will help keep readers engaged. The illustrations have a gritty look that fits nicely with the rural southwestern ambience. Although this has the appearance of an easy reader, the lengthy text and imaginative vocabulary make it for more advanced readers. Those who enjoyed the Amelia Bedelia stories would enjoy this; similar fare for older readers would include Bill Brittain’s The Wish Giver (1983).

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