Grandma Heaven (paperback)

Shutta Crum

Heaven is a place where one can have fun. Or so thinks award-winning author Shutta Crum. When asked about death by one of her grandchildren, she imagined the perfect heaven. A place where grandmothers play hockey, have iguanas as pets, jump rope, find treasures at jumble sales, and keep a loving eye on grandchildren. Grandma Heaven, and its companion book, Grandpa Heaven, provide reassurance to young worriers that heaven is a happy place and that love never dies.


  1. Sarah J. Perry, Livonia Public Library

    This is a feel-good book for families who are pondering what their loved ones might be doing in the afterlife. It’s a gentle assurance that they are, indeed, safe, happy, and that love goes on forever.

  2. Lindsey McDivitt, A is for Aging, B is for Books

    In Grandma Heaven, grandmas drive motor scooters, ride donkeys, or race jazzy convertibles that go so fast, they have to hang onto their hairdos!” No age stereotypes or tearful sentiments here. A wonderfully diverse array of grandparents populate Grandma Heaven and its companion book, Grandpa Heaven, by award-winning author Shutta Crum. Both offer joyful, reassuring peeks at a heaven filled with fun. The text and the lively illustrations by Ruth McNally Barshaw offer cheery comfort to children asking about death and the afterlife.

  3. Reviewed by Readers’ Favorite

    In Grandma Heaven by Shutta Crum, we are introduced to a beautiful place in heaven where the grandmas of the world roam after they leave Earth. In heaven, the grandmas wear the comfiest clothes and get around however they wish, whether by donkey or scooter. Grandmas can visit other grandmas and heaven grandpas also come to visit and hang out with them daily. What’s so great is that they have all the time in the world to do whatever they wish so there is never a rush. In grandma heaven, they are surrounded by animals that have crossed over the rainbow bridge that they can play with. They also have the little angels up there that they look after. The most important thing they do is watch over all the world’s children. Even though their grandmothers are no longer on earth with them, they are never alone because the grandmas are always looking down upon us.

    Shutta Crum has done a wonderful job with Grandma Heaven, helping kids feel at ease knowing that their grandmas live on even if it’s not on this plane of existence. This one hit me hard. I lost my grandmother at a very young age and I remember the pain and sorrow I felt losing her. I couldn’t understand how someone could be here and then just cease to exist. I feel this is a process that many kids go through. You are told they are in heaven or paradise but that’s hard for a child to understand. A beautiful new world has been created to comfort the young reader after such a loss. Knowing that Grandma and Grandpa and any pets are having the time of their lives in heaven and watching over them is a gentle way of explaining death and what happens afterward. The most important thing is showing the young reader that we go on. Death isn’t the end. Crum has made this easier for a child to understand. The illustrations by Ruth McNally Barshaw are so beautiful and fit perfectly with the storyline. They are colorful and appealing to capture the attention of the young reader. I recommend this book to parents who are trying to explain what happens when someone you love dies. Grandma Heaven will put a lot of kids at ease.

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