Friends Come in All Sizes (paperback)

Raven Howell

Written by Raven Howell
Illustrated by Audrey Day

Patience and kindness are important when you want to make new friends, but it’s hard not to consider what it would be like to have a gangly giraffe or chilled-out polar bear as a pal. A friendship mission prompts two boys to regard would-be companions of many shapes and sizes, and their imaginative adventures hatch brand new, unexpected buddies.

Ages 2-8, 11″x8.5″

Available October 27, 2022


  1. Miche Arendse for Readers’ Favorite

    Friends Come in All Sizes by Raven Howell tells the tale of two young friends who seek adventure and companionship in the oddest of places. They think about befriending a snake, an elephant, an ant, or even a bear but there are so many reasons why that idea just wouldn’t work. Even so, it takes both patience and kindness to find good friends and, even more, being accepting of our differences. In this book, we see how friends come in all shapes and sizes and we learn that you can make friends in the most unlikely of ways.

    Friends Come in All Sizes by Raven Howell is a wonderful children’s book that touches on the importance of being open-minded and willing to make new friends. I think it teaches children not to judge others by the way they look or where they come from but just to be friendly. This book touches on healthy values that will benefit young children and the story itself does such a great job of portraying this in a fun and entertaining way. The illustrations by Audrey Day were colorful and have a soft touch which complements the theme of the story so well. This book would make a lovely children’s bedtime story and would be an asset to any parents with young ones who are about to embark on a new journey, whether it be moving to a new place or starting at a new school.

  2. Kirkus review

    “…Children looking to make friends will be heartened and comforted…”

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