Everlasting Icicles (paperback)

Carrie Turley

Finding the Great Cold Queen was only the beginning. Her aching heart triggers a great freeze that crawls across the mountains all the way down to Tickletoes River, threatening the lives of everyone in Fairy Glade. While Princess Thamilla sets out on a treacherous quest to rescue the water sprites, Ruse and Buttons race through the dark, freezing forest to save the Great Cold Queen’s children and bring peace to her heart. Escaping poppens, dodging creatures, and finding new allies, the two fairies must save the young dragons if they wish to save the land.


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    Everlasting Icicles is a children’s fantasy adventure novel from the Poppenohna Land Adventure series. Written by Carrie Turley with beautifully drawn illustrations by Lara Law, the story follows the adventures of the inhabitants of the magical land of Fairy Glade. With the Great Cold Queen Ice injured and suffering from a broken heart, everything from the mountains to the Tickletoes River turns into a frozen wasteland. Princess Thamilla undertakes a dangerous quest to warn the water sprites of the upcoming great freeze, picking up valuable allies. Meanwhile, Ruse sets out to find Buttons and Eckil, who have gone into the Enchanted Forest, where they stumble upon the progeny of the Great Cold Queen. With poppens getting close, Ruse and his friends must find sanctuary in The Land of Crystals while Thamilla completes her quest.

    Poppenohna Land Adventure is an enthralling tale of friends coming together to save their land from an unexpected threat. Carrie Turley has created a magnificent world of fairies, dragons, and other magical creatures that pull you in from the first page and refuse to let go until the last. You will be transported to the land of Fairy Glade, immersed in the story of your favorite characters you can’t help but root for. Lara Law’s brilliant illustrations make the story even more enjoyable. All in all, an absorbing fantasy adventure tale for kids and young adults alike.

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