Elephants Are Not Artists (paperback)

William Hart

What does it mean to be an artist?
Ruby is an elephant who loves to draw on the ground with her favorite stick. She dreams of getting to use colors one day. When others tell her that she will never be an artist, she must choose between believing them or believing in herself. Discover how determination, practice, and forgiveness help Ruby along her journey.


(8.5″ x 8.5″)


  1. Reviewed by Readers’ Favorite

    Ruby, an Asian elephant from a zoo, draws images with a stick on the ground. Ruby dreams about making them colorful and vivid to share the beauty she sees around her with the world. But the world can be cold and even cruel for other animals are not supportive. A hawk criticizes Ruby for using a perfect stick inappropriately. A snake declares herself a better artist than any elephant will ever be. A gazelle finds another reason to discourage Ruby. But Ruby’s efforts to embellish this world do not go unnoticed. Rosa, her kind keeper, comes up with a plan. Will Ruby ever achieve her dream? Based on real events, Elephants Are Not Artists by William Hart and Dinton Law is an inspirational read for children, animal lovers, and aspiring artists of any age.

    Illustrated by the beyond-gifted Dinton Law, Elephants Are Not Artists raises many important issues parents and teachers should consider. How often do we hear voices discouraging children from being free in their creativity? William Hart warns responsible adults against stereotypical thinking and tells young artists that during their artistic journey they may encounter jealousy and prejudice disguised as concern or caring. Dinton creates a breathtaking gallery of expressive images, and I fell in love with this story after seeing Ruby’s wonderful smile on the cover. Able to listen to her heart and not the negative choir of the other animals, Ruby is a distinguished character and a great example for young readers. This story will motivate children to be themselves despite any criticism. The excellent story makes it a perfect book for educational purposes.

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