Ditch the Glitch (paperback)

Camille Smithson

Brooklyn Slade believed science wasn’t science without upgrades. Unfortunately, those upgrades almost always ended in glitches. After several embarrassing lab mishaps, Dad transfers Brooklyn to Timberline Elementary School for a fresh start. But finding mad scientist friends at her new school proves to be tricky. Trying to impress the science club, Brooklyn brings one of her upgraded experiments to their Humans vs. Zombies meeting. One small glitch leads to a gigantic problem, and Brooklyn’s dreams explode in an enormous cloud of white smoke, forcing her to face the facts… She is glitched! Brooklyn swears off all science, determined to fit in with the other fifth graders. Too bad her best friend Hayden has other plans. He wants them to enter the school’s science fair. Can Brooklyn risk another glitch?


  1. Reviewed by Readers’ Favorite

    Ditch the Glitch by Camille Smithson features Brooklyn, a fifth-grader who never shies away from crazy science experiments. Her unconventional practices, however, always end up in a mess. As Brooklyn’s glitches keep getting her into trouble, her father transfers her to a new school to start afresh. Intending to make an impression, she attempts to create zombie flowers, but a little glitch once again brings disaster. The repeated failures with heavy consequences frustrate Brooklyn, and she vows to give up science for good. Her best friend, Hayden, does not make it easy for her. He signs them up for the coming science fair, pushing Brooklyn into a dilemma. She values her friendship highly, but can she afford to take the risk?

    Camille Smithson’s Ditch the Glitch is a delightful read that is likely to appeal to young readers, whether or not they love science. The characters are absolutely fascinating; I especially loved Hayden for how he sticks to his best friend and pushes her to carry on with her passion, despite repeatedly getting into trouble because of her failed experiments. Brooklyn’s mischievous cat is also unique and amusing; readers are bound to find his constant banter with the humans around him enjoyable. With Camille’s amazing style of narration, the story keeps the reader’s attention throughout. I love how it ends with an implicit lesson on hope and perseverance, and I believe it can reassure young readers. I would recommend this book to readers aged nine to twelve.

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