Come Dance in the Rain

Steppie Morris

Dancing in the rain is fun!

But this mom and dad can’t come out and play-there’s simply too much to do.

Then their two ingenious kids come up with a fantastic idea, and pretty soon, the whole family is splashing away.

And going to the park, and on hikes, and to the zoo . . . spending much more quality time together!

What made such a difference?

How can your family find more time to dance, splash, laugh, and play?

It’s easier than you think.

As parents, we have such a short time with our children before they grow up, but providing for and raising them takes a lot of time and effort. If we share a little of the day-to-day responsibilities, the whole family benefits. This book is meant to help a child understand how vital they are as a member of a family and to encourage the adults in their lives to trust them, teach them, empower them, and have fun with them. Soak up every moment, for all too soon, it will be time to pass this book on to the next generation of busy parents!


  1. Reviewed by Readers’ Favorite

    Come Dance in the Rain is a children’s book written by Steppie Morris and illustrated by Ina Kotanko. As two children play and dance in the rain, they smile at how many puddles there are to jump in, while also noticing that there are no people outside. When they see their mother with her arms filled with groceries, they ask her to play but she has too many chores to do. They then ask their father, but he is too busy paying bills. Both children wish they could do something to make their parents want to play in the rain outside. After the children offer to help with the housework and walk the dog, both parents play in the rain. The children continue to help every single day so their parents have less stress in their lives.

    I do enjoy books such as Come Dance in the Rain that teach children there is always a way to make your parents smile. The saying ‘All work and no play’ came to mind when all the parents wanted to do was work and pay bills to maintain the level of comfort in the family. But smiling and having fun are equally important and sharing in the fun with the children at playtime was what the family was severely lacking. Children so often love to play when raindrops are falling on their heads and making puddles, and often it takes time for parents to realize that their inclusion in playtime helps to make it even more fun. The fact that the children were willing to help in any way made the story equally sweet. I highly recommend Steppie Morris’ delightful tale and feel that it should be included in the library of young readers over four years of age.

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