Caesar & Reagan

Kate Nilson

Written by Kate Nilson
Illustrated by Inês Dinis

Caesar is a dog who loves his owner, Reagan, more than anything. When Reagan leaves him one day to go to a birthday party, Caesar is determined to find her. His fun adventure through the city streets brings him to new people and places, but will he be able to find his favorite girl? A story full of humor and love, Caesar and Reagan is a wonderful book for children of all ages.

Ages 3-7, 11″x8.5″


  1. Reviewed by Readers’ Favorite

    Caesar and Reagan is a children’s picture book by Kate Nilson and illustrated by Inês Dinis. Caesar is Reagan’s adorable dog and best friend. They love having fun together, and Reagan takes good care of Caesar. The two are inseparable, and Caesar cannot stand to be parted from Reagan, not even for a minute. When she gets invited to a birthday party, the two are excited, but when they learn that dogs are not allowed at the event, Caesar is left lonely and sad. He decides to embark on a journey through the city to find Reagan. Follow Caesar as he ventures through the city streets, searching for his best friend.

    Caesar and Reagan is a cute animal adventure story with lots of laughs and surprises. Kate Nilson showcased her imagination and created lovable characters. The bond between Caesar and Reagan is beautiful, and all dog lovers can relate to these two. Caesar’s obsessive desire for people to speak dog was hilarious and a great idea. If people spoke dog, it would come in handy. I love adventure books because they get me hooked on the mystery of whether the person, in this case, Caesar, a dog, will reach their destination. They are fun to read with your kids and always grab their attention. The illustrations in this book are colorful, and I loved the consistent theme throughout the book. The story had a lovely ending, proving that dogs can also be the life and soul of the party.

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