Bucklebee Bunny (paperback)

Lara Law

Written & Illustrated by Lara Law

Have you ever wondered what happens in Cabbageville, the tiny town where Easter is made? Meet Bucklebee Bunny, an egg painter, and see how he learns to recognize his potential and special role in his town. A story of self-love and learning to let our gifts and talents shine.

Ages 2-8, 8.5”x11”


  1. Reviewed by Readers’ Favorite

    It was almost Easter and Bucklebee Bunny was excited. He loved painting Easter eggs for his small town of Cabbageville. Bucklebee hoped that one day he would be Easter Bunny’s #1 egg painter. Bucklebee had painted a lot of Easter eggs, and he also had a special collection of eggs on which he had painted the best memory for each year. He kept his special collection of eggs hidden away in his house and never showed it to anyone. However, something different happens to Bucklebee this Easter. He wakes up in his house only to find his special collection of eggs is missing. Bucklebee is heartbroken because the eggs meant so much to him. Will he find them? Find out in Lara Law’s Bucklebee Bunny.

    Lara Law whisked me away with her uncomplicated style of writing. Bucklebee Bunny has an enthralling plot with an effortlessly flowing storyline, enhanced by playful and creative images. She tops it all with a suitable moral to the tale. While Bucklebee is a talented egg painter, he assumes that no one will love his work and hides it from everyone. This is unfortunate for him, especially because he wanted to become Easter Bunny’s top egg painter. Through Bucklebee Bunny’s story, kids learn that they should believe in themselves and never be scared to follow their dreams. All this culminates in an adventurous and educative read that will make an amazing bedtime story. Fans of children’s adventure stories will enjoy this book.

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