Breath by Breath

Stephanie Wildman

In this bedtime story, twins Flor and Roberto wonder how they can possibly go on an adventure at the same time as they go to sleep. Big brother Luis guides them in an exercise through their bodies, from the top of their heads to the tips of their toes. Following the gentle inhale and exhale of their breath, Flor and Roberto find love and calm inside and all around them as they drift off to sleep. Bonus content provides direction for mapping your own body scan.


  1. Reviewed by Chapter Break Book Blog

    This is a sweet bedtime read with the lovely twins Flor and Roberto, who we met previously. In this book, big bro leads the twins through a yoga body scan and takes them on an adventure to help them fall asleep. This is great to read with kids to help them learn breathing techniques to help them relax after a crazy day of endless energy. I previously commented on the lovely full-page artwork and enjoyed it here. It’s another great addition to this series.

  2. Reviewed by Readers’ Favorite

    Breath by Breath is a gentle tale. In the first few pages, twins Flor and Roberto try to convince their big brother to let them stay up past bedtime. Luis understands why they want to keep playing and tells them if they get under the covers, a wonderful surprise awaits. They are going on a voyage into their bodies. With soft-spoken words, he guides his younger siblings into a state of mind that takes them to an imaginary submarine, which, if they breathe slowly and deeply, will transport them to a place they’ve never been before – a place where every heartbeat is heard, and love abounds. This mystical light takes them deeper and deeper within themselves. When the children share that something special is going on, Luis softly tells them the engine of each submarine is ‘fueled’ by breath. Enjoying this one-of-a-kind trip, they immediately become quiet because there is so much to explore. Stephanie Wildman shows how the act of breathing can open possibilities. Estefania Razo’s vibrant illustrations make all that surrounds these travelers come to life.

    The story so delightfully written by Stephanie Wildman enables Flor and Roberto to realize that new horizons are not limited to what is ‘out there’. This introduction to the wonders of an ancient yoga practice makes each moment simple and magical. The deep contentment brought about by Luis’ words of care and wisdom ensures that there will be other journeys just as wondrous as this one. Much like the satisfaction of re-reading fables and fairy tales, each body scan will feel brand new and familiar. One reason this story will enchant children and parents is that, besides having expert knowledge, the author creates an atmosphere of fun that is reflected in Estefania Razo’s colorful pictures. A guide enables adults to help children find their inner selves and makes Breath by Breath much more than a sparkling narrative. It becomes a means of helping every young reader begin to consider what ‘being’ means. Taking the time to understand what makes them special result in a priceless find for any child.

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