Bertie & Owl – Bertie Makes a Friend

Adam Bieranowski

The only thing Bertie loves more than summer is making new friends. So you can imagine his joy when he meets a friendly little worm while smelling the flowers. But when he finds out that most birds EAT worms, he has to find a way to keep his new companion safe.

Will Bertie find a way to keep his new friend from becoming a snack, or will he end up on the menu?


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    While picking flowers, Bertie discovers a worm hiding in the soil. Bertie takes Worm to meet his best friend, Owl. Owl informs Bertie that birds are supposed to eat worms, not become friends with them. Even though he vowed never to eat a worm, Bertie is frightened by the thought of the other birds in the area eating Worm. Fear of losing his new friend to one of the locals looking for a quick snack prompts Bertie to devise a plan to protect Worm. But how will Bertie ever be able to protect Worm from the other birds? Running away is not an option, but can Worm be hidden? Would a disguise help keep Worm safe? You can find out in Bertie Makes a Friend by Adam Bieranowski and illustrated by Zeke Sons.

    Bertie Makes a Friend, by Adam Bieranowski, is a children’s story of an unlikely friendship between a bird and a worm. Bertie wants to protect Worm from other birds and tries to figure out how to keep his friend from becoming a meal. The illustrations by Zeke Sons are fun pictures that will entertain children as they follow along with the story. I love the lessons about the value of true friendship and the importance of protecting the ones we love. I recommend it to young children who love an entertaining story that teaches the values of true friendship.

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