Bertie & Owl – Bertie Learns to Fly

Adam Bieranowski

Bertie wants to FLY! After all, it’s what birds do best. The only problem is no one ever showed him how. So, Bertie and his new friend Worm are on a mission to figure it out together. Will Bertie take to the sky? Or will Worm find him face down and flightless?


  1. Reviewed by Readers’ Favorite

    Bertie Learns To Fly is written by Adam Bieranowski and illustrated by Zeke Sons. Bertie is a young bird who doesn’t know how to fly. His friends, Owl and Worm, encourage him to give it a try. Owl makes some suggestions to make it easier for the little bird, like getting his start from the ground. But Worm really wants to help Bertie and he comes up with a few ideas of his own. Will Bertie ever learn how to spread his wings and fly, or is he meant to be a ground bird? Will the little bird heed the advice Owl offers? Will any of Worm’s ideas do any good?

    I absolutely loved Bertie Learns To Fly! This adorable story has the perfect balance of sensibility and the crazy antics that happen between close friends. Owl and Worm are characters that contradict one another in a fun way while both of them try to help Bertie. My favorite thing about this book, aside from the story itself, is how it will inspire kids to try again at whatever they’re doing rather than give up. The illustrations by Zeke Sons make the story all the more entertaining. I recommend Bertie Learns To Fly by Adam Bieranowski to youngsters who are ready to learn how to read and love fun and adventurous tales about animals. I hope that this author and illustrator team up again with future stories that kids can enjoy while learning an important life lesson.

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